Sing sister sing !

Sisterhood community program

Als Frau gemeinsam 

- Grenzen setzen 

- Wut (heilsam) kanalisieren

- Die eigene Kraft finden

- Machtvoll & Sanftmütig sein

- Sexualität verstehen

... und vieles mehr



Drop-in Classes/Circles are an opportunity for you to be welcomed in our sisterhood community program where Sharada & the Be Woman Team offer a virtual altar for those who identify with being a woman to enjoy the Be Woman Sisterhood & participate in the treasures of the sacred feminine through monthly themes that we follow. 

Through monthly Devi Embodiment Practices (self-care, sacred sexuality, breathwork etc.), Devi Circles “Herstory” (sharing circles on the topic/theme of the month), Devi Treats (Art, Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Herbology, Self Care) & Devi Sadhanas & Pujas (Spiritual practices & Vedic Rituals) we are held in a safe, healing, nourishing container where we can explore & deepen our relationship to ourselves, each other and the goddess. 


Hier geht es zur Seite:

Ich selber mache seit Februar immer wieder mit und bin sehr beseelt. Probier's doch mal aus :-)


Eine Inspiration zum reinfühlen ist dieses schöne Lied

Wise in the ways


Sing my sister sing

Sing out loud of all you bring

For what you sing is what you are


And your wise in the ways in the ways

In the ways of a woman by far

Your wise in her ways its what you are


Dance my sister dance

Fall in love and make romance

For how you dance is what you are And your wise...


Play my sister play

Explore the world in the child way

For how you play is what you are And your wise...


Dream my sister dream

Dream your own reality

For how you dream is what you are And your wise...


Pray my sister pray

Giving thanks for each new day

For how you pray is what you are And your wise...


Grow my sister grow

You have a path to reap and sow

For how you grow is what you are And your wise...


Walk my sister walk

Don't waste your time with all that talk

For how you walk is what you are And your wise...


Live my sister live

And recieve all that you give

For how you live is what you are And your wise...


Breathe my sister breathe

Surrender to the mystery

For how you breathe is what you are And your wise...



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