Esther has practiced yoga since 1999 and is continuing her studies on a regular basis. She is a psychologist (PhD) and yoga teacher for adults and children and is also researching the effects of yoga on stress, sleep and wellbeing. In addition to regular yoga classes, Esther offers individual sessions, lectures on Yoga Nidra as well as workshops and retreats. Offers by email.



  • Yoga Events & Retreats: SUP Yoga on the lake, yoga on bachelor partys and weddings, office yoga and more...

Completed (> 1.400 hrs Yoga Alliance):


PhD in Psychology 
on the effects of Yoga Nidra (magna cum laude), Universität der Bundeswehr in München

Breathwork, Minddate Nic & Toby, München & Mexico



30 hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Yogada, Online



12 hrs Sama Yoga Teacher Gathering with Sky, Online

10 hrs Devi Training :-) with Sharada, Online

Antar Mouna Workshop with Swami Marutdeva, Online



12 hrs Sama Yoga Teacher Gathering with Sky, Online



Opening of the new studio "Yoga at Hay Mountain" in Nussdorf am Inn

20 hrs Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with David Swenson, Munich

Shakti Yoga Wheel Workshop with Anny Seitz, Munich

10.5 hrs Yoga Nidra & Antar Mouna, Workshop with Swami Marutdeva, Munich

520 hrs AYInnovation Advanced Yoga training 2017-2019 with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Schlangenbad

20 hrs Therapy Training Breath, Bandha, Movement - Aligning Prana  with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Munich



Harmonium Workshop with MadhaviMunich
20 hrs Therapy Training Foot & Ankle with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Munich
20 hrs Therapy Training Shoulder & Shoulder Girdle with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Hamburg

20 hrs Therapy Training Knee & Knee Joint Positioning with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Augsburg

20 hrs Therapy Training Yoga during pregnancy with Martina Egger, RYS AYInnovation, Ulm



20 hrs Therapy Training Anatomie of moving with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Ulm

20 hrs Yoga for seniors with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Frankfurt
20 hrs Therapy Training Arm & Hand with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation, Augsburg


2016 - 2017:

110 hrs AYInnovation Inspired Teacher Training with Dr. Ronald Steiner, RYS AYInnovation,
Therapy Training Hip & Pelvis, Back & Posture, Munich


2015 - 2016:

270 hrs Yoga Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga, Vedanta, RYS Sama Yoga, Sweden & Bali

12 hrs Ayurveda Training, Nutrition, The Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, USA


2014 - 2016:

96 hrs Children's Yoga Teacher Training, RCYS, Susanne Eichinger, Munich



60 hrs Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Satyananda Yoga e.V. / Bihar School of Yoga, with Swami Prakashananda Saraswati, Cologne



35 hrs Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, with Barbara Kündig, Switzerland


Esther discovered the love for Yoga Nidra, the conscious sleep, on a trip to Australia, back in 2003. Here she lived over two months at Mangrove Mountain Ashram, met Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati and received her Mantra Initiation from him in 2004. He also inspired her deeply by his natural humorous being and wise words. She learned the background and effects of Yoga Nidra from 2011 onwards, during 1.5 years of training with Satyananda Yoga through Swami Prakashananda Saraswati and Barbara Kündig, as well as in her own almost daily practice. Since then, this special mindfulness meditation has been the heart of her Yoga style. It is not just about deep relaxation, but also about the orientation of one's own life to personal growth. In her work as a psychologist, she was able to demonstrate the positive effects of Yoga Nidra 2015-2016 in a large-scale study with a sample of 771 people. A follow-up study started in June 2018!

Sama Yoga has been the basic yogic education for Esther as a comprehensive life concept, which she happily received from Sky (Akasha) and his team during 9 months in Sweden and Bali. Here she learned the basic values of Vedanta, as well as precious knowledge in Mantra, Puja, Pranayama and Hatha Yoga. The respectful and loving way of dealing with all living beings, as well as the focus on harmony and balance, are the main pillars of Sama Yoga and also shaped Esther's understanding of a yogic life. Here she also learned what it means to teach intuitively, as well as to establish trust and satisfaction for a successful life. Sky's team was enriched by two wonderful women, Anna & Sanna, who contributed their knowledge about Yin Yoga, Vedanta and coaching. Other guest teachers added the topics of anatomy, alignment, kirtan and pregnancy yoga. Finally, in Bali, Esther was able to experience wise and humorous access to Vedanta and philosophy through Swami Vagishananda Saraswati.

Ashtanga Yoga Innovation by Dr. Ronald Steiner (Arjuna) and Sama Yoga focus on the individual. Both styles offer access to a holistic Yoga experience through personal modifications. In Ronald, Esther has also found a teacher who gives her a completely new, healing and innovative approach to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system. Therapeutic trainings complement the teaching with valuable anatomical and application-oriented knowledge. In addition to the physical orientation and the meditative movement flow, Esther also explores further breathing techniques and philosophy. Esther is very grateful to have found two so wonderful teachers who accompany her on her way in yoga.


Besides the focus on a lively tradition of Yoga, humor is an important element in Esther's classes. In her children's yoga classes Esther learns and teaches what is often difficult for adults. Thanks to the differentiated training with Susanne Eichinger, she learned techniques in Yoga for children from 3 years onwards (Kindergarten, primary school und youth groups).


Other teachers who have accompanied and inspired Esther over the years are among others Sharada Devi, Dr. Patrick Broome, David Swenson, Manfred Gauper, Rod Stryker (Yogarupa), Regina Gambarte, Bärbel Miessner,  as well as the wonderful participants of her classes.



Dr. Esther N. Moszeik | Yoga am Heuberg | Winkelwiesweg 19a | 83131 Nußdorf a. Inn


Tel: +49 176 80292727