Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is conscious, dynamic sleep and is one of the most important meditation techniques of the Bihar School of Yoga. Yoga Nidra is traditionally carried out lying down and enables everyone to activate new energy and to relax effectively. It's not just about deep relaxation, but much more about aligning your own life with personal growth. Used regularly, Yoga Nidra can achieve serenity, concentration and health over the long term.


The scientifically based method is aimed at taming the streams of thought and refining mindfulness. Especially in today's fast-paced world, Yoga Nidra is a great gift to yourself.


Adults in particular have stored various experiences in unconscious layers in the course of their lives and are influenced by them on a daily basis. With Yoga Nidra these experiences can be put aside as 'done' and we can detach ourselves from them. We create harmony between the opposites, balance emotions and are less guided by hasty evaluations.


Achieve your personal goals and get valuable input from yourself - Albert Einstein already consciously put himself in the alpha state in order to receive new ideas and inspiration...

Get the scientifically proven short version (English version yet to come...) and integrate these 11 minutes into your everyday life, whether in the morning, at noon, when traveling or before bed. Before important appointments, exams, decisions ... preferably once a day!


If you would like to find out more information about the research, you can download it for free.


Discover the possibilities - positive effects on stress, sleep quality and well-being have already been demonstrated in a sample of 771 people.


You want more? Then get 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra with fine-tuning of the energy centers (chakras) in full length. The long version increases the positive effects and was tested on a sample of 361 people.


You can listen to the audios for free on our YouTube channel <3


Much joy !



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